Are mary kate and ashley dating anyone

As the famous saying goes, age ain’t nothing but a number.

So, why do people keep judging the Olsen twins for dating older men?

“I dated an Olsen twin because I was in love with an Olsen twin,” he told New York magazine when promoting his directorial debut in 2011.

Age doesn’t matter, and it’s certainly nothing to create judgements over.

"I have a husband, two stepkids [Julien and Margo] and a life," she told the online magazine. Or you get burned out, and then you're not productive," she added.

Sources have also suggested to Us Weekly that M-K is planning to expand her family with a child of her own.

The duo were on a double date with Ashley’s twin sister Mary-Kate and her husband, French businessman Oliver Sarkozy.

They were then spied out hiking a couple of weeks after – with Richard stripping topless while Ashley joined his side.

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